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Pinned Article Getting Started With Canvas

This article goes over the first steps for accessing and training in Canvas

Adjunct Instructors are in mySLU but not in Canvas

This article explains why a new or adjunct faculty member might not have access to their courses in the LMS.

Canvas Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes Feature Comparison

Canvas Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes feature comparison

Canvas Community Instructor's Guide

Comprehensive list of help documents from Canvas for almost anything an instructor would want to know.

Canvas Quizzes - New vs. Classic

This article provides an attached PDF that shows the differences between Canvas Classic and New Quizzes.

Canvas to Banner Grade Transfer Guide

Instructions on how to import grades to Banner from Canvas.

Comparing Blackboard to Canvas

This is a table that highlights the differences and similarities between how Blackboard Learn and Canvas handle different functions.

Create a Question Bank in Canvas

Step-by-step instructions how to create a question bank in Canvas

Drop the Lowest Score in an Assignment Group in Canvas

Step-by-step instructions how to drop the lowest score in an assignment group in Canvas.

Faculty Intro to Canvas

A brief guide explaining how faculty members can get started using Canvas.

How do I add a TA to my Canvas course?

How to add a TA to a Canvas course.

How do I add videos to my Canvas Panopto video folder?

Step-by-step instructions how to add videos to a Canvas Panopto video folder.

How do I enable Respondus LockDown Browser for a test in Canvas?

How do I enable Respondus LockDown Browser for a test in Canvas?

How to Access Panopto in a Canvas Course

Instructions how to access Panopto video in Canvas

How to Add Learning Outcomes at the Course Level (Instructors)

How to add Outcomes at the course level in Canvas - instructor

How To Add Someone To A Canvas Course

How to identify who can help when trying to add someone to a Canvas course.

How to Add the SLU Commons Template to a Canvas Course - Instructor

How to Add the SLU Commons Template to a Canvas Course - Instructor

How to Copy a Course from One Semester to Another in Canvas

How to copy a Canvas course from one semester to another.

How to Create Student Video Assignments in Canvas and Panopto

How to set up a video assignment for students in Canvas using Panopto.

How to Export Test Questions from Respondus 4.0 and Import them into Canvas

How to export test questions from Respondus 4.0 and import into Canvas.

How to Import a Blackboard Course into Canvas

Instructions how to import an exported Blackboard Course into Canvas.

How to Merge Courses or Sections in Canvas

How to request having sections merged in Canvas.

How to Modify Canvas Course End Dates

Options for students to see course content after term dates end in Canvas

How to Open a Course to Students Before a Term Begins

How to open a Canvas course to students before a term begins.

How to Recover Deleted Content in Canvas

Recover deleted content in Canvas

How to Request TA (Grader) Access for Undergraduate TAs in Canvas

This article shows the steps involved in getting undergraduate TAs (UGTAs) TA access with grading privileges in Canvas.

How to Send an Email to Everyone in a Course

Goes over the two main ways to email all students in a course

How to setup the Zoom LTI in Canvas

This article details how to integrate Zoom with a specific Canvas course.

How to View Student Quiz Logs in Canvas

Instructions for teachers on finding and viewing student quiz logs in Canvas.

Information on Adding Auditors to Canvas

Information on Adding Auditors to Canvas.

Panopto Quiz as Canvas Assignment

Instructors can create Quizzes in Panopto. To deploy videos with quizzes in Canvas instructors must use the Assignment tool so the score can be sent to the Grade Book. Students must access the video in the Assignment area on the left menu in Canvas.

Panopto Video Assignments in Canvas

How to set up a Video Assignment using Panopto with Canvas.