Drop the Lowest Score in an Assignment Group in Canvas

Dropped grades are done through Assignment Groups in Canvas.

  1. Click on the Assignments area of your Canvas course
  2. Find an Assignment Group to work on (Tests for example).
  3. Click the three vertical dots at the upper right side of the main Assignment Group row.
  4. Click Edit. (It will have a pencil icon.)
  5. In the pop up menu that appears, you will see the group name, the percentage of the grade, and the number of scores to ignore for each student.
  6. Edit the number of scores to ignore in the appropriate areas, either lowest or highest.
  7. Note that you can also add assignments that should never be dropped by clicking the + sign for Add an Assignment in the never drop area.
  8. Click Save to save the rule.

Here is a link with more detailed information from Canvas.


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