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How to add a TA to a Canvas course.
This is a table that highlights the differences and similarities between how Blackboard Learn and Canvas handle different functions.
This article explains why a new or adjunct faculty member might not have access to their courses in the LMS.
The LMS (Blackboard or Canvas) is a separate system that "integrates" access Panopto content, but does not include Panopto content.
This article goes over the first steps for accessing and training in Canvas
Students may report they are being prompted to Request permission to view Panopto content even though they can see everything else in the course.Blea
How to grant access to view Panopto Content in a course delivered via Blackboard or Canvas LMS.
Instructions on how to import grades to Banner from Canvas.
How to see if cross-listed sections are included in a Canvas course
Goes over the two main ways to email all students in a course
Recover deleted content in Canvas
How to add NameCoach to a Canvas course.
How to identify who can help when trying to add someone to a Canvas course.
A brief guide explaining how faculty members can get started using Canvas.
Support options for Canvas