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Overview of risks and preventative measures to protect one's identity from bad actors online.
An overview of important cyber safety procedures and things to be aware when receiving emails, text messages, and phone calls regarding online accounts and services.
This article contains the publicly available step-by-step process of how new members of the SLU community can register their accounts in Okta - the University's new password and multi-factor authentication tool.
These instructions describe how to reset your password yourself when you've forgotten it.
Step-by-step instructions how to reset your password in Okta.
This article provides a modified step-by-step process to register in Okta for members of the SLU community who are hearing-impaired.
This article confirms how to log into a SLU classroom machine and how to request a guest account if you don't have an active SLU Net ID and password.
This includes a number of suggestions to ensure you can use classroom technology effectively for your courses