Technology that allows instructors to record lectures and make them available to students online.

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How to Copy and Move a Video in Panopto

How to copy and move a video in Panopto.

How to Move Panopto Videos from Blackboard Folders to Canvas Folders

How to Move Panopto Videos from Blackboard Course Folders to Canvas Course Folders

How To Record Into Panopto

Step-by-step instructions how to initiate a Panopto lecture capture recording.

How to Use Automatic Captions in Panopto

How to enable automatic closed captions in Panopto videos.

Inserting YouTube video into a Panopto video

Panopto videos that have YouTube videos inserted, will not play with the Web Embed feature in Canvas. Users must use URL link.

Instructor Wants To Manage Access and Intellectual Property of Panopto Content

Protecting Instructor recordings as intellectual property.

Known Issues with Panopto Quizzes and Canvas

Known issues with quizzes embedded in Panopto videos and Canvas.

Panopto / Canvas relationship

Panopto is a third party tool in Canvas. Recordings currently in Panopto can be used in Canvas even if they were created while using Blackboard. Proper use of Panopto Content folders can help avoid permission issues.

Panopto Minimum System Requirements - July 2021

Minimum system requirements for Panopto Summer 2021

Panopto Overview

Basic overview of the purpose and capabilities of Panopto. Primary focus on Lecture Capture and distribution of video content.

Panopto Permissions

How to grant access to view Panopto Content in a course delivered via Blackboard or Canvas LMS.

Panopto Permissions for Students

Students may report they are being prompted to Request permission to view Panopto content even though they can see everything else in the course.Blea

Panopto Quiz security

If a Panopto session is available for download, the quiz will not be downloaded with it.

Panopto recordings won't playback

Security and privacy settings in browsers can block Panopto if they identify the Panopto tool as a threat.

Understanding Panopto Content Management for Instructors

The LMS (Blackboard or Canvas) is a separate system that "integrates" access Panopto content, but does not include Panopto content.