Panopto Overview


Panopto is SLU's lecture capture tool. It is a video recording and content management system that can be used to deliver lectures, store Zoom recordings and more.


This tool is used to Record, Edit, Catalog, and Distribute video content primarily for academic use, but also for collaboration within organizations. Users can create original content such as lectures for use in online and traditional courses.

Panopto is integrated into our Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas.

Video files from other sources can be uploaded for distribution or edited into recordings. Content can be delivered to computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

There are two types of users:

  1. Creators (Instructors and Course Support personnel)
  2. Viewers  (Students in a course, or participants in an organization)

Content Creators have a My Folder that is a personal area where they can record and produce content for later use in courses or collaboration.

Students are able to record and submit video assignments if instructors choose that option for assessment. Is it also possible to embed quizzes in Panopto that students can take.

When using a PC or Mac, multiple video streams can be recorded in a single session. These include the web camera, desktop, and up to 4 USB devices such as a document camera, USB ready microscopes, and auxiliary cameras.

There are three ways to access Panopto:

1. Through the Learning Management System integration in Canvas by clicking the Panopto link.

2. Through the Panopto Recorder - desktop recording software with a shortcut icon.

3. Directly via the web: to what Panopto refers to as the Video Library. Note that you can also click the Panopto tile in the mySLU tools area, which takes you to the same place.

Learning Management System Integration

Panopto has been integrated with Canvas and Canvas has links to Panopto video built into its default course templates. Clicking that link takes the users to a folder that is specific to that course. That folder is where video content for that course should be stored for the current semester.

The Panopto page within Canvas is actually a link to that page in the Panopto Video Library, though it is seamlessly embedded within the online course. Clicking the square icon with a diagonal rightward arrow on the upper right side of the Panopto page will open the page in a new tab outside of Canvas.

The Panopto Recorder

The Panopto Recorder is the desktop software that actually records video. The shortcut on the PC desktop in any lecture hall will initiate the recorder. Only Creators (instructors or TAs) can record. Please confirm that you are a Creator before attempting to use the recorder.

The first time you long into the Recorder on a computer, you will authenticate with Okta, so have your cell phone handy to complete the two step authentication. (You will need to do this with each unique computer you use).

Once you are signed into the Panopto Recorder you will see a red record icon.

Clicking “Create New Recording” will prompt you to choose a folder from a dropdown menu.

It is a good idea to give your recording a unique name other than the default day and date. This will make it easier to locate and organize in the future.

Record your lecture. When finished, hit stop and the recording will be uploaded to Panopto. This may take some time depending on the length of your video. Do not shut down the computer right away. You will find the recording in your course and in the Video Library. You will receive an email alerting you that the video is ready.

Here are links to videos that explain the recorder for Windows and Mac.

The Video Library (Panopto web site)

The Video Library is a powerful web based tool to help organize and manage your recordings and those that others have shared with you. You can access the Library by logging in on a web browser at Authenticate through Okta with your SLU credentials.

This covers the basic functionality of Panopto but there many more powerful features.

This video takes a detailed look at how to navigate the Panopto Video Library.



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