Information Security

Information related to infrastructure and services that provide security, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities. Includes security services such as virus protection, encryption, privacy impact assessments, information risk management, emergency preparedness, data security, identity management solutions, access controls (i.e., passwords, accounts, and authentication), audit and monitoring systems and services, and data access and stewardship.

Articles (4)

Pinned Article Data Classification Reference Sheet

This reference sheet will help you determine what classification the data falls under and how to protect it during creation, storage, and transmission.

How To Report Suspicious Email

This is the process by which you send a suspicious email to Information Security through the "Report to SLUAware" method.

Protecting Your Personal Devices and Data

Guidance for how to maintain a secure presence on the web and how to keep your devices protected.

Spam Texts - What to Do?

This article explains how to handle unwanted texts and what to do when you receive texts that are requesting personal or financial information that could compromise your identity or accounts.