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Zoom - Downloading Recordings To Save

Simple instructions how to download a Zoom recording (meeting or class) from the cloud and how to upload it to Panopto, OneDrive, and Google Drive. ... Zoom - Downloading Recordings To Save.pdf ... zoom ... How To  This document steps you through the process of downloading recorded meetings or classes you’ve captured in Zoom so that you can save them locally or upload them to Panopto, OneDrive, or

How to setup the Zoom LTI in Canvas

This article details how to integrate Zoom with a specific Canvas course. ... zoom ... Via the Zoom LTI, Zoom now integrates directly into your Canvas courses. Use this tool to schedule and start meetings for specific courses. It will automatically save recordings to your Course Folder

Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom - example for Residency Interviews

zoom ... Example Zoom  Configuration Allow participants to return to Main Session at Anytime Breakout Rooms Close automatically after 14 minutes Notify me when time is up Set countdown to 60 seconds

Software available in classroom spaces

Browser Internet Explorer Web Browser Edge Web Browser Zoom Panapto IBM SPSS  Microsoft Office VLC

Classroom Technology Video

05:49 - Lecture Capture with Panopto 07:30 - Distance Learning with Zoom 09:03 - Troubleshooting/Display 09:34 - Troubleshooting/Computer Audio 10:07 - Troubleshooting/Zoom Audio & Video

Technology Available In Most Classroom Spaces

zoom ... Web Browser Firefox Web Browser Internet Explorer Web Browser Zoom Panapoto SPSS (in select locations) Microsoft Office VLC EndNote Laptop connection VGA w/audio

mySLU Overview

requests, IT Service Request portal, SLU card accounts, Panopto, Zoom, and Canvas. Access: Access is usually granted to students 24 hours after the student is fully processed by admissions

Quick Record Studio

. You can use the camera remote to zoom in and out, and to raise and lower the lens. Grab the recorder remote control and hit the red record button twice to begin recording. When finished, hit the

Instructor Wants To Manage Access and Intellectual Property of Panopto Content

Faculty Support at the ATC to go over this on a Zoom call and show you how this works from an Admin perspective. That will help to better understand Panopto and the available options.

Comparing Blackboard to Canvas

​​​​​​​Time ​​​​​​​Collaboration Zoom Zoom Zoom is the primary video tool for real - time ​​​​​​​collaboration and synchronus learning. Zoom

Transition of mySLU to

faculty and students like our learning management system Canvas, our lecture capture system Panopto, and our distance learning/video conferencing tool Zoom. Other typical business resources are also

How Do I Get New Software Installed?

: Panopto Zoom Microsoft Office  Endnote SPSS (on SLU-managed machines) Examples of Software That Departments Must Purchase: Adobe Acrobat Pro Adobe Creative Suite ATLAS.ti SAS

Panopto Overview

Introduction Panopto is SLU's lecture capture tool. It is a video recording and content management system that can be used to deliver lectures, store Zoom recordings and more. Explanation