Projector Won't Turn On


What do I do when the classroom video projector won't turn on?


Occasionally the projector may not get the system's request to turn on. This occurs most often when the previous instructor has recently powered down the system and the projector hasn't had a chance to fully power down before the system is powered on again. The best way to check for this is to turn the system back off again, wait two full minutes after it's completely shut down, and then turn it on again.

If this doesn't help, check the lights on the projector itself.

  • If a RED or ORANGE light is on, the projector may still be in standby mode.
  • Lamp, Temperature, and Filter errors can also cause the projector to shut down (or not power up at all).
  • Lights representing each of these on the projector to indicate any such issues.

If the "Lamp" light is on, the bulb may need to be replaced. ITS does its best to proactively swap out the bulbs before they reach end of life to prevent end-of-life burn-outs. However, some bulbs die prematurely. If this happens, letting us know ensures that we will replace the bulb as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours) based on the room's availability.

If restarting the system doesn't restore the projector's functionality, please contact ITS by pressing the "4099 Support" button at the top of the panel or call Classroom Support at 314-977-4099.

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