How To Report Suspicious Email

How To 

How do I report a suspicious (spam, scam, phishing, or malicious) email?


If you receive a suspicious email, please use the Report to SLUAware button in Outlook, Outlook for the Web, and Outlook Mobile.

In Outlook for Windows and macOS, you will find the Report to SLUAware button on the primary toolbar. 

In Outlook for the Web and Outlook Mobile, you will find the Report to SLUAware button under the "More Actions" menu (in the upper right corner of an open email message, click the three dots). 

The attached PDF to the right shows its exact location in Outlook, Outlook for the Web, and Outlook Mobile.


The Report to SLUAware button will move the email to your "Deleted Items" folder and send the message to our information security team for automated analysis and action. 

If our automated analysis confirms the email is malicious, SLUAware will remove it from all mailboxes within minutes. Your action may save thousands of Billikens from being phished!

Technical Guidance

Outlook for the Web
The Report to SLUAware Button is available in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple's Safari. Internet Explorer, and other legacy web browsers, are not supported.

Outlook for Windows and macOS
The Report to SLUAware button is available on University-managed systems. It may not be available on personal devices.

Mobile Devices
The Report to SLUAware button is available in Outlook Mobile for Android and iOS.

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