Poster Printing Request

What is it?

This request is used to create photo quality output on multiple surfaces using the Canon iPF8000. The requester can provide their own material as long as the material can bend. The minimum printable size is 8.5"x11".  The max width of the machine is 44" and the longest document that has been printed so far was 444" (37 feet). This resource is available in the Academic Tech Commons on the main floor of Pius Library.

Who is Eligible to use it?

Students, Faculty and Staff

Service Pre-requisites

Form of payment to cover ink and other material costs. Cost is Per Linear Inch and depends on the material type.

Service Availability

Monday to Friday - 8 am to 5 pm

Service Level Agreement

Jobs presented in person will be worked on with the client at that time in the order of arrival. Jobs from experienced customers should be ready for pick-up in 3 business days. Files received with mismatched sizes, questionable design choices (ie red text on a blue background), or other noticeable flaws may result in longer periods.

Additional Information

We believe PowerPoint is the best tool for most people to design thier print file. It is flexible in setting up what size you want your print to be, it is easy to layout and move images and text, and is able to save your finished design as a PDF (ATC's preferred file for printing.) 

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