Request Temporary Guest Access to your Canvas Course

What is it?

  • Use this form to request a SLU faculty member (or other instructor) to be added temporarily to your Canvas course. Generally, this request is used to allow instructors the opportunity to observe one another’s teaching and/or course design. 
  • The guest will be added to your course with the "Observer," which will grant them the same access as a regular student. They will have this access for a limited time (typically 7-10 days). 
  • If you would like another instructor to have grade book access, they must be added through CourseLeaf (CLSS) via your Department's CourseLeaf Admin. 
  • If you need to request temporary guest access to your Canvas course for someone outside the University, you must first request a guest account for Banner by filling out this form.

Who is Eligible to use it?

Requester must be listed as the Instructor in the Canvas course.

Service Pre-requisites

Both the requester and the requested observer must be SLU affiliated.

Service Availability

Monday to Friday - 8 am to 5 pm

Service Level Agreement

1-2 Business

Request Guest Access to your Canvas Course


Service ID: 150
Mon 3/14/22 11:32 AM
Wed 12/13/23 3:38 PM