Request a Canvas Account

What is it?

Primarily, this service will be used by staff and administrators who are not granted automatic access to Canvas or individuals (primarily, staff and administrators) who are not granted automatic access to a Canvas account. 

Who is Eligible to use it?

Individuals (primarily, staff, administrators, and external reviewers) who do not have a Canvas account and who are not assigned as instructor or enrolled as a student in a specific Canvas course. This form is only used for the site. Contact Zak Mussig ( to request access to the Medical School's Canvas site. 

Service Pre-requisites

In general, faculty/instructor, Teaching Assistant (TA), and student accounts should not be requested through this form. Faculty/instructor and TA accounts are created automatically when the instructor is linked to their course through CourseLeaf (CLSS) by their department administrator. Student accounts are created automatically when students are registered for courses. Note: If you are trying to add a TA (either graduate or undergraduate) to a course, contact your department’s CourseLeaf (CLSS) Administrator to have the TA added in CLSS.

Service Availability

Monday to Friday - 8 am to 5 pm

Service Level Agreement

2-3 business days

Request a Canvas Account


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