Getting Started With Canvas


This article goes over the first steps for accessing and training in Canvas


Canvas accounts are automatically generated after an instructor has been assigned a course in Banner (you can expect up to a 12 hour delay between the Banner assignment and the Canvas account creation). The University asks that anyone new to Canvas completes a training course called "Growing with Canvas" which can be found on the Canvas dashboard after logging in. Follow the below steps to access the training:

  1. Go to and log in using your SLU credentials
  2. Find Canvas from the list of applications or search for Canvas in the search bar at the top and click on the square that pops up
  3. You will load into your Dashboard, and should have a tile called Growing with Canvas, click into that course
  4. Once in the Growing With Canvas course. select Modules from the menu bar on the left
  5. Start with the module called Planting and make your way down all the modules in the course
  6. It is highly recommended that after completing the course you watch the tutorial videos under the Recordings of Canvas training sessions module

Potential Problems/Solutions

  • Problem: I can't log into Canvas
    • Solution: email the details of your experience to 
  • Problem: I can log in, but don't see a course named "Growing with Canvas" on my dashboard
    • Solution: From your Dashboard click on Courses on the left menu then All Courses and select the star button next to "Growing with Canvas", this will pin it to your dashboard
    • Still can't find it? Email 
  • We have a detailed Quick Start Guide with more information here.



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