How do I request an official Enrollment Certificate?

Official Enrollment Certificates are available online 24/7 via the National Student Clearinghouse link on your mySLU Dashboard. 

1. Go to and log in.

2. Click on the “National Student Clearinghouse” Tile:

3. Once the Clearinghouse page loads, under the heading “Obtain an Enrollment Certificate” click the appropriate radio button depending on which option you desire.  Click “Current Enrollment" if you desire the current term enrollment only.  Click “All Enrollment” if you desire current enrollment as well as all prior enrollment at SLU.  Click “Advanced Registration” if you desire confirmation that you have registered in the next enrollment term. (Summer terms are not available in “Advanced Registration” only Fall & Spring terms.)

4. Once you have clicked on the desired radio button click the “Obtain an enrollment certificate” link.  You will need to disable pop-up blocker for this to work.


5. Print Enrollment Certificate


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